What Are Your Top 2 Questions About Personal Development?

Henk sent out an interesting email recently. He is about to launch a new product, a new course he has been making over the years, and he wants our feedback. He wants to make sure that this new product covers the most important things we need, and that’s why he’s asking us.

His question is this:

What are your TWO (2) TOP QUESTIONS about personal and/or spiritual development that you absolutely NEED me to answer in upcoming material?

I think the question is too general, but it’s a great attempt from Henk to connect with his subscribers. There’s also the added benefit that he will incorporate what he learns from this survey into the new product so he can really give us what we want.

I thought I’d share my own two questions here on this site. Maybe some of you reading this have the same questions as I do. My two top questions about personal development that I need answered are:

  1. Why do I feel so anxious about circumstances I don’t have control over?
  2. How do I stop feeling so anxious or how can I make it not affect me so much?

I’ve noticed this by being in a relationship. Every time she acts in a certain way it makes me anxious. It makes me ask myself, “Did I do something wrong?” and it makes me worry that she might leave me.

Having learned personal development for over two years now, I’d like to think I am more self aware than most of other people. This self awareness has helped me to understand myself better so that I can become happier and more satisfied with my efforts and my results in life.

Even so, there are still things that I haven’t resolved. One of them is feeling so anxious whenever my partner and I have a conflict. I am almost always the one who makes more effort to calm her down, than the other way around. It makes me question my self worth and wonder am I doing this because I love her or because I am afraid to lose her?

Fortunately, I do some techniques to reduce the effects of feeling anxious so I can at least get a good night’s sleep. However, when I wake up in the morning, the anxiety still makes me restless and unable to concentrate. That’s why understanding why I feel so anxious will really help me to be in control of my emotions so I can maintain my focus and finish the work I need to do.

What are your top two questions?

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