Show Your Gratitude: 3 Simple Exercises that Will Make You More Productive


How do you show your gratitude each day?

This is a question that T. Harv Eker asked on his Facebook page. Reading the responses, I notice that many people show their gratitude using the same ways. Before I share what they do, I think it’s important for you to understand why you should show your gratitude each day.

Showing your gratitude the very first thing in the morning sets a positive tone for your day. When you start the day by being grateful, you can be even more grateful throughout the day. This means you will have more energy and be more productive. When you are more productive, you can create more of the results that you want.

If you don’t practice showing gratitude, you will start losing energy little by little. Other people will begin to frustrate you, and you will react in a negative way. This is self-sabotaging behavior that prevents you from creating what you want.

Showing your gratitude is more than just a state of mind or a feeling that you feel. For the best results, you have to show your gratitude in an actionable way. It means you either say something or do something. These actions in return will give you more emotions of gratitude which will then fuel even more actions of showing your gratitude.

As you can see it’s a positive cycle which gives you more and more energy to be more productive.

3 most common ways to show your gratitude

Based on the comments the people wrote on the Facebook page, there are basically 3 ways most people show their gratitude:

1. Simply say “Thank you”

Say thank you for what you have in your life. Express your gratitude by actually saying out the words “thank you”. “Thank you for this blessing in my life”.

You voice it out with your voice. You don’t just think about it in your mind but you actually say it out “Thank you for this blessing in my life”. It could be:

  • Thank you for this health in my life
  • Thank you for this job that I’ve always wanted that I have
  • Thank you for a wonderful and loving family

Saying these things out loud will increase their existence in your life.

One specific exercise you can do this is by saying three things you are grateful for each night. You can do this while having dinner with your family. Each of you say three things that you are grateful for each day. You can also do it on your own by saying 3 things about today that you’re grateful for before sleep.

The benefit of doing this is you start the day by being grateful and sets a positive tone for the day. Then you end it by being grateful about what was good on that day so you also end it on a positive tone.

2. Help other people

This is a very actionable way to show your gratitude. You don’t have to do complicated things. You can do easy things or easy acts of kindness. You don’t have to take time out of your schedule. You can do it while you go along on your daily activities, such as:

  • Helping a blind man cross the street
  • Opening the door for an elderly lady
  • Giving someone a smile, someone you know from work or a stranger on the street

By helping other people, you receive energy in return which will keep your energy level positive.

3. Write a journal

Some people call this a gratitude journal. In this journal you can write the first exercise which is to write 3 things you are grateful for today. You can also write how you have helped other people today.

All these 3 exercises – saying thank you, helping other people and writing in a journal – will cement your habit of showing your gratitude each day. The benefit of doing this is that it will keep your mind in a positive tone so you are more productive and can create more of the results that you want.

Choose one of the three exercises above so you can start showing your gratitude today. Immediately you will feel more positive energy and you will be more excited to tackle on the day and finish what you set out to do in a successful manner.