3 Ways to Listen to Your Intuition and Get the Answers You’re Looking For

Do you trust your intuition?

That is the question that Coach Freddie asks in his video. He shares his thoughts about Jack Canfield’s Success Principle #47: Inquire Within. Inquiring within means that you listen to your inner voice, your inner guidance when you are seeking the answer to a solution.

Inquiring within means you get in touch with your “unconscious database”. This database is the source of your hidden and natural genius. It’s important to get in touch with it because successful people do so. They develop their intuition to trust their gut feelings and follow their inner guidance.

Even one of the most intelligent persons on the planet acknowledge how important it is:

Intellect has little to do with the road to discovery
–Albert Einstein

At a certain time in your life, you need a leap in consciousness. This leap will make the solutions you’re looking for come to you, and you don’t know how or why. You simply “get” the answer with no logical or tangible process.

The answers you’re looking for can come to you intuitively in 3 ways:

  1. Visual. You can receive intuition through your visual sense by seeing things or imagining things. If you are a visual person, you can see the answer with detail.
  2. Auditory. You can receive intuition through your audio sense by hearing things, such as listening to a voice inside your head telling you the next step to take.
  3. Kinesthetic. You can receive intuition through your physical and emotional feeling. This includes getting a “hunch” or a physical sensation that tells you when something is wrong.

When you get in touch with your intuition and find the answer, it will be accompanied by a sensation of great clarity and feeling of passion and excitement. This is obvious because your mind has been caught up in thinking about the problem for too long. When you find the answer, you experience a release of blocked energy that feels as a rush of excitement.

How to practice listening to your intuition

In order to open your unconscious database, you must be in a relaxed mood. This helps to open up your “communication lines” so you can receive your intuition in either one of the three ways mentioned.

One way to bring yourself to a relaxed mood is by practicing meditation. Meditation often results in a feeling of quietness and stillness that is difficult to feel in your hectic daily life. A simple meditation session is enough to receive the messages you get from your intuition.

Here is a simple meditation exercise as told by Coach Freddie:

  1. Stop everything you are doing and just stop for one minute
  2. Take a deep breath and relax your body so you relax your mind
  3. Reflect on the question on your mind for one minute

Your mind will receive the question and come up with an answer, but not immediately. The answer can arrive some time later in the day when you least expect them (or even more than a day later). The most important thing is to keep in touch with your unconscious database, your intuition so you can get the answers that you are looking for.

Are You Making These 6 Mistakes That Prevent You From Getting What You Want?

Source: https://www.flickr.com/photos/12438643@N08

“What is stopping you from achieving the results you desire?”

This is the fundamental question that Jack Canfield asked during one of his recent teleseminar training.

Jack is truly passionate about helping his clients get breakthrough results, so they can live the life they want.

This is why he reveals the top 6 stoppers that keep most people from moving to the next level. This is based on Jack’s extensive experience as a success coach, and from his own journey of achieving huge success by being a best-selling author.

Identify these 6 stoppers in your own life, and you can create breakthrough results:

1. Lack of clarity of your vision, purpose and goals

The first reason that’s stopping you from living large is you aren’t clear on what you want. When you don’t know this, you can’t fulfill your soul’s purpose. Your life will flow along aimless.

To solve this problem, get really in touch with what life means to you. It’s not always about what you have or your possessions. It’s about emotions or how you feel.

If you are having difficulty finding your life purpose, it may be because you don’t give to yourself. It’s critical to give to yourself first so you have the mental and emotional space to truly know yourself.

2. There’s a subconscious belief that’s stopping you

The common limiting belief that people share is “I don’t feel I’m worth it” or “I’m not good enough”.

To overcome this belief, you must give yourself time. You are 100% responsible over your life. You’re the one who can uncreate and create it the way you want.

What this means is that you can’t become a victim of your beliefs. Jack shares a simple strategy for taking complete control over your life. Simply think about a difficult situation in your life and ask:

  • How are you creating it, continuing it, or allowing it in your life?
  • What is the payoff you get for keeping it?
  • What is the cost of keeping it?
  • Instead of this situation, what would you rather have?
  • How could you create what you want?
  • By when will you actually do it?

By asking these questions, you are forcing your brain to find the answers and focus on the positive aspect of your situation.

Of course, they’re not called subconscious beliefs for nothing. You are mostly unaware of how you are sabotaging your efforts because of programming that runs deep down inside. Crack Your Egg calls this your eggshell, and it sabotages you in 6 specific ways.

3. Most people don’t have a breakthrough goal or top priority goal

There is an adage that says don’t spread yourself too thin. The more scattered you are, the less power each thing you’re working on has. When you’re multitasking, you’re not getting the full value of each thing that you are doing.

To solve this problem, you should focus on one main goal. Jack calls this the BHAG: Big, Hairy, Audacious Goal, or the ONE breakthrough goal that will quantum leap you to the next level.

How do you identify this one goal? Ask yourself these questions:

  • What is the one thing I can do this week that would make all other things easier or unnecessary?
  • What would be a goal that would quantum leap my goals?

4. People don’t have a clear and achievable plan

Even when you have identified your priority goal, you must be able to break it down into small steps. If you don’t figure out the small steps, the big goal will seem like an unachievable goal.

To figure out your small steps, think backwards:

  • What do I have to do one year from now?
  • What do I have to do 3 months from now?

Keep asking until you know what you have to do tomorrow.

You can also ask what do you want, how much do you want, and when do you want it?

5. Most people have not developed a transformational mindset

There is a problem knows as mindless work. This happens when you go through your life without ever stopping to ask yourself where you really want to go. As a result, you don’t know how to behave in front of a challenge. This means you will fail to reach your goals when an obstacle comes up.

To solve this problem, you can use affirmations and visualizations until your belief aligns with what you want. These are the tools that you use to change from a fixed mindset to a flexible mindset. A flexible mindset means that you aren’t afraid of living on the edge.

Be comfortable living on the edge, because success is on the edge.

6. Most people lack an environment that supports your goals

This stopper can be a silent killer because you are not immediately aware of its existence. When you know your priority goal and have the detailed plan and mindset to carry out action, you can still get sidetracked by people who don’t support you.

In order to prevent this, create and put yourself in an environment that supports you. Ask yourself are the people in your current environment positive, nurturing, encouraging? If they aren’t, then you need to make new friends.

Some ways to create a nurturing environment is to make friends with people who are one level above you. Get yourself in their sphere of influence by joining a club. Find a circle of people where you are the least smartest, the least richest, and the least capable. This way, you will have a lot to learn from people who are more achieved than you.

What is your Big, Hairy, Audacious Goal?

The focus of Jack’s teleseminar training was on the 3rd and 4th points. Have you identified your top goal, and do you know the exact detailed steps to achieve it? If you don’t know yet, you can ask this array of questions:

  • What do you really want from life?
  • How can you align your biggest joys and passions with your work?
  • What’s really holding you back from moving forward?
  • And how can you eliminate those obstacles and live your highest vision?

Dream Big: How to Get What You Want in Life

“Can I really think in a positive way what I want in life and they will happen for me?”

This is the question that the NBC Today anchor asked to Jack Canfield in their interview. As you know, Jack has written a book titled “Key to Living the Law of Attraction” and it is a manual to get what you want in life.

The basics of the Law of Attraction states that what you think about creates a vibration. Everything in the universe that is harmonic to your vibration will be attracted toward you.

The downside is that when what you think has a negative vibration, you will attract negative things. On the other side, when you are in a positive vibration, you attract positive things. Therefore, it can be very intentional and deliberate to regulate your thoughts – and most of us were never taught to do that.

What would you do if you knew you wouldn’t fail?

Even if you understand the way the Law works, you can still fail if you are afraid of taking risks. This is a concern the news anchor asked to Jack about how we cause ourselves to fail.

On this, Jack says that fear is creating a negative image of the future. Similar feelings include anxiety and apprehension. These feelings – which create negative vibrations – are not helpful and stop you from getting what you want in life.

It’s because of this fear that you don’t take the actions to reach success. What would you do differently if you knew that you wouldn’t fail?

The solution to this fear is stop the negative thought and replace it with a positive thought. But that isn’t easy work either. The question is how do we focus on those positive thoughts?

How do we focus on those positive thoughts?

Jack proposes a simple, actionable way to create positive vibrations.

1. The first step is to empty out your negative thoughts. Empty out your fears and anxieties, so they can be replaced with powerful emotions. As Jack says, “nature abhors a vacuum”, so whenever there is an empty area, nature will fill it with energy.

This is the first technique inside Crack Your Egg. You build self awareness by being mindful of your emotions and thoughts. By taking occasional stops to pay attention to yourself, you can be aware of your fears and eventually empty them out.

2. The second step is to stop talking about what happened and how bad it is. Instead, focus on what you want to get, and speak in positive, present tense. Use your leisure time to think about what dreams in your life you want to achieve.

3. The third step is to write down your goals. You can write a simple list of goals or create a large dream list. This is where Jack’s tools really come in handy, because you can purchase a done for you vision board or vision book.

A vision book is a more beautiful version of a vision board. It has the power to remind you of what you want to get in life, even when you are not in the mood for it. Therefore, it keeps you concentrating on positive vibrations so you attract what you want faster.

Eventually, when you get what you want in life, you will discover who you truly are. Once you start to get the things you want, you will get new ideas about what you really want. In other words: you find the thing you were meant to do.