Revolutioniz – The Predecessor to Crack Your Egg?

I notice that many people are searching for “Crack Your Egg Revolutioniz” in the search engines. It’s true that when a product comes out, the products that came before it also get attention again. This phenomenon applies to Revolutioniz – which is also made by Henk Schram and his partner.

Revolutioniz is a personal development program released in 2007. The subtitle of the program is “Harness the Hidden Laws of the Universe”. It is a course on the popular topic of the Law of Attraction – although it goes deeper than that.

Now despite of what you might think, Crack Your Egg and Revolutioniz are two separate programs. I have confirmed this with Henk himself via email correspondence. In one of these emails, Henk relates to me that:

Crack Your Egg is *not* the update for Revolutioniz. It’s a separate program. I’m currently working on the update for Revolutioniz, and all current customers will get that update without the need for making additional investments.

So, you might say that Revolutioniz is more of a “spiritual” predecessor to Crack Your Egg.

There are several components to the complete Revolutioniz course, but you might be most interested in the 6 Laws that are mentioned. According to this book, the 6 Laws of the Universe are: The Law of Attraction, The Law of Vibration, The Law of Cause and Effect, The Law of Gratitude, The Law of Love, and The Law of Allowance.

The complete knowledge inside the course is divided into 5 main components, 2 supporting components, 3 complimentary (free) components, and bonus material. The 5 main components are:

  1. Part 1 – How to Work With the Law of Attraction
  2. Part 2 – The 5 Main Universal Laws to Abide by to Make the Law of Attraction Work
  3. Practical Module #1 – Instruction Manual
  4. Practical Module #2 – Revolutioniz Manifestation Software
  5. Practical Module #3 – The Master Keys to Unlocking Your True Magnitude

As you can see, even from 2007 Henk has already emphasized the importance of application of techniques. This is evident from the practical modules that you can find the the full program – even including a software!

Besides these practical modules, Henk also provides the “Quick Start” guide of Revolutioniz in the form of a Welcome Pamphlet that outlines how to consume this program. There is also a “Blueprint of the Universal Principles of Life” that summarizes the 6 Laws mentioned above.

Both of these documents are similar to the Welcome Letter and “Bird’s Eye View” map that you can find in the Member’s Area of Crack Your Egg. Again, this confirms Henk’s style of teaching and how passionate he is to guide you through the right steps.

The main lessons and supporting documents are made even more complete with 3 free books. These books are titled:

  1. The Revolutionary Premises of Attracting Money
  2. The Revolutionary Premises of Your Own Power
  3. General Perspective on Relationships

The last one is made because many people kept asking Henk about the application of the Law of Attraction in relationships! You can download these 3 books for free and get a sample of Henk’s early teaching style in the Revolutioniz program:

Click here to get access to 3 free books from “vintage Henk”

I’m still going through the first main lesson book (in parallel fashion with Crack Your Egg). You can find more information and reports about this course in future updates.

P.S: For those of you interested in this program, here is a special message from Henk that I received by email:

The current version still does well, but I’m processing a pretty extensive overhaul, which I think will be received very well and might even set a bit of a new standard.

There’s still quite some work to be done on this, and it’s going to take another while to complete. You might consider mentioning that people get lifetime updates for the material, and that a big one is currently underway.

If the future update of Revolutioniz is going to be “based on” Crack Your Egg, then I’m really excited!

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