4 Things I Learned About Attracting Money from Henk Schram

When it comes to the Law of Attraction, one of the most popular reasons people use it is to solve their money problems. It is also what I am personally most interested at, because I too have money issues.

As a result, anything that talks about improving a person’s wealth through mindset shifts immediately grabs my attention. One of them is the book written by Henk Schram before he made Crack Your Egg. This book is called “The Revolutionary Premises of Attracting Money”.

Inside the book, Henk doesn’t talk about specific tips or techniques to make money. Instead, he talks about the philosophy of money, and how we have to change the way we see or perceive it in order to become the master of our money.

There is a short exercise inside this book that can help you make the mindset shift. This exercise has four sentences for you to think on. I went through the sentences and writing down my own answers, and what I found has helped me understand money better.

You can do the exercise using these following statements:

Change your feelings of fear into feelings of gratitude

The basics of the Law of Attraction state that you attract more of what you focus on. When you focus on a negative emotion such as fear, you only attract more of what you’re afraid of.

In this case, my fear is a fear of lack of money. I am afraid I won’t have enough money. I am afraid I won’t make enough money from my work and therefore not be able to support my family. If I can’t support my family, then I will feel I’ve disappointed them. I will feel worthless.

Even though writing down your fears will be filled with negative emotions, it’s important to be aware of them first before you can clear them out. This is the first step towards changing your mindset.

Feel grateful for your current situation and circumstances

Once you have identified your fears, take inventory of your situation and circumstances. I see situation as how you are on the inside (your mindset and emotions) and circumstances as how you are outside (physical surroundings and environment).

In my case, even though I am afraid that I won’t have enough money, I am grateful for the family that I have. My family has never been without money, although we aren’t flamboyantly rich either. These are my circumstances that I am grateful for.

I am also grateful that I am aware of my fears. I am thankful for having a wealth mindset, which means I am aware I won’t be able to get to abundant wealth by only working a day job. I still have much self growth to work on, but I have gone so far from where I used to be.

When you focus on what you are grateful for, you attract more of it too. Write down what is good in your life that you are grateful for, even if it feels small.

It’s often from being grateful of the small things that we can invite the large blessings into our lives.

Focus on the experience that you want to have

The book says that ultimately, it’s not money that we want – it’s the experience the money buys. If you want to buy a home, that usually means you want to feel secure and safe. It means you want to have the power to provide and protect for your family.

Therefore, instead of focusing on the nominal amount (such as $244,300 which is the average price of a home in Northeast America), focus instead on the feeling you will feel once you own what you want to buy. Focus on the feeling of safety, security, and power. Henk recommends to do this instead because you might experience those feelings without having to buy a home (and save hundreds of thousands of dollars in the process).

In my case, those are the feelings I desire. Safety, security, and power (being in control). These feelings make me feel worthy. I am still on the path to experiencing more of these feelings, and I open myself up to all the possibilities to experience these feelings without demanding it come in a certain way.

Believe the supply of money is inherently infinite

This is the fourth and final sentence, which pretty much speaks for itself.

When you know what you are afraid of (and acknowledge it), exercise gratitude for your situation in life, and focus on the feelings you want to feel, the final step is to have faith that there is more than enough money or resources in the world to help you achieve it.

The book says that money is a form of energy. There is an infinite supply of energy in this universe. You can’t create or destroy energy, you can only change it from one form to another.

I believe that money is attracted to worthy things that have value. The wealthiest individuals on Earth are people who give tremendous value to other people. Their ideas touch the lives of many people and improve the quality of their lives.

It is impossible to do this, to have this mindset of wealth, if you are still overpowered by your fears. I recommend you do the exercise above so you can change your mindset and create abundant wealth.

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