How to Crack Your Egg – The Simple 2-Step Approach

The core aim of the Crack Your Egg program can be summed up into two simple steps:

  1. Become clear on how you are really wired subconsciously. This is important to see how your unique eggshell structure is really built up.
  2. Define a systematic approach towards cracking your egg. This means taking down your particular eggshell structure.

The end result is you can finally break free from struggle. When you are free from your eggshell, you have the full creative capabalities to create the life you want.

This is what you can conclude from this simple 2-step approach:

1. The first matter of order is to become aware of your eggshell.

As you know from the main point in this lesson, the primary problem for most people is that they are unaware of their shell. If you are unaware, then you will have little to no power to clear your limiting beliefs. You will have no control and instead become a victim of circumstances.

2. Learn a step by step system or method to cleanse your subconscious programming.

This is the naturally important step after becoming aware. It is important to both open your eyes to the source of what keeps you struggling, and the right method to break free from it. Notice that your source or eggshell structure is unique to you. Therefore you must find the method that works for your particular situation.

Gears of a person's mindMany personal development programs either only focus on the first point, or only on the second point.

For example, positive affirmations only aim to replace your negative programming without clearly defining the source of why you need to. On the other hand, methods such as “The Secret” only focuses on a fundamental but doesn’t equip you with the “how to” to translate it into real life application.

What I find satisfying from the Crack Your Egg program is that it includes both. This is because Henk Schram himself has been a student of many self improvement techniques. His lack of results from using them pushed him to dive deeper and create this program of his own.

Clearly, you can get the full benefits of Henk’s program by learning from the full course. This course is a deep and thorough expansion of the material that is available in his preliminary study guides.

Below, I summarize what I’ve learned from the study guides on how to crack your egg. This summary is to provide you with a supplemental point of view about the program based on my experience.

Step 1: Recognize your subconscious patterns

There is a quote from P.D Ouspensky:

“Heaven on earth is breaking free from your long-standing patterns.”

What Ouspensky means by patterns here are your limiting beliefs, your subconscious programming. This is at the base of personal development programs – they all aim to change your programming.

However, as you may have experienced it’s not that easy to do this. There is an inherent “filtering” attribute of your programming that actually causes you to become unaware of it. In worst cases, this filtering can make you avoid dealing with it entirely!

As Henk says, “It can take an enormous amount of energy and determination to even see those patterns in the first place – let alone break free from them.”

  1. You try to see these subconscious patterns to break free from them
  2. But since they are subconscious, these patterns prevent you from seeing them

So how do you see them in the first place? To make that happen, there’s one basic thing you must be able to do. You must be able to take a step back and observe yourself.

This is the point of the “Participant and Observer” exercise I mention here. The aim is to identify the real cause behind your problem and why it threatens you.

This is where most self improvement methods tell you to avoid negative thinking. They advise you to focus on the positive. However, Henk’s method advises a counter-intuitive approach: embrace your negative emotions, because it’s important in order to resolve them.

I didn’t agree immediately, but now I see how that can work.

Negative thoughts do attract more negativity. However, when you face it with an intention to resolve, it will lose that power. The negative cycle only applies when you are unaware of it and let it be in power.

When you deny the uncomfortable emotions that rise up, you only postpone them to come again at a later date. These discomforts will keep coming up until you deal with them. This is the nature of your eggshell.

I had a “curious” moment as I learned about this.

Your egg causes you to run into situations where you have to deal with your subconscious patterns. If you avoid it, it will only repeat. If you learn to deal with it though, you will clear the pattern from your programming.

Therefore, it seems that your egg has a “self destruct mechanism”. In other words, though your egg aims to keep you small, there is another “force” behind your egg that guides and encourages you to deal with your limiting beliefs until you cleanse yourself of them.

In short: your inner conscious pushes you to clear your blocks so you can experience life fully.

Isn’t that great? The one thing you need to do from your part is to allow yourself to clear these patterns.

Step 2: Learn the tools to dissolve your patterns

Near the end of the intro study guides, Henk quotes a famous musician:

“You don’t make music … music finds you.
Your job is to practice to get yourself ready.”

As a musician myself, I can resonate with this quote. I often “receive” a musical inspiration, but more than half of the time my skills aren’t top notch to pull it off yet. In other words: I don’t have the chops!

Henk says this is what happens to your inner soul also. You receive inspiration to create a fulfilling life, but you simply don’t have the mental faculties. Even if you do obtain it, you won’t know what to do with it yet because you are still trapped in your eggshell.

This is why most people don’t get permanent, long lasting results using the various personal development methods that currently prevail. The weakness of these methods are twofold:

  1. They mainly focus on your surface limiting beliefs. They rarely touch on the deeper root belief that thwarts your growth.
  2. They don’t take into account the unique structure of your eggshell. Most of these methods provide a “one size fits all” approach.

Hence, I am greatly attracted to Henk’s method because he offers a customizable approach.

Each musician receives different inspiration, and translates that using his own instrument. His unique approach manifests the inspiration into a certain blend of music that’s not like any other.

Similar to this, you receive a unique set of challenges. Therefore, you need a specific set of tools to answer these challenges. If you use generic tools, you might be able to yank out your root limiting beliefs. However, it is more “hit or miss” – more of a “lucky strike” than actual skill.

If these situations rise again, you’ll return to the old ways of struggling and second guessing. The Crack Your Egg program aims to solve this.

Interestingly, Henk makes a point to stress that he doesn’t aim to degrade other approaches, such as the popular “Law of Attraction”, self hypnosis, etc. Instead, he aims to equip you with the “manual” on how to use these tools so they work for you.

This program is a big picture that displays your overall personal development strategy. It is a blueprint of your core being’s architecture, so you can figure out what to plug and where to plug it.

So you can still use the methods that you are already familiar with.

Personally, I love the Law of Attraction lessons I’ve learned from Bob Proctor. I also use the Tapping Solution from Nick Ortner routinely. These things have their effect on me.

However, they may not have an effect on you. That’s where the Crack Your Egg program comes in. It gives you the insight to accurately apply techniques on the right parts of your eggshell structure.

And like any structure, once you know the weak points, you can break it down with ease – almost effortlessly!

Therefore, to find out the approach that’s right for you it’s best that you read my Crack Your Egg review. You can learn more about the contents of the course by listening to Henk Schram’s explanation. What I like about his approach is that he’s relaxed, thorough, and he avoids using outrageous claims.

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