Why Meta Patterns Sabotage Your Positive Affirmations

In the study guides to the Crack Your Egg program, Henk Schram reveals the reason why many personal development methods don’t work. This reason is called your meta patterns.

As I was learning these study guides, I came to the summary of a model. This model explains how certain self help practices attempt to change your subconscious programming. However, none of the exercises mentioned in the study guides addresses the issue of meta patterns.

Therefore, I am sharing what I have learned about each self improvement method and why they fall short of delivering spectacular results.

The simple practice of affirmations

One of the most popular techniques for personal development is positive affirmations.

Affirmations are among the simplest and easiest methods to do. This is the reason why it is very popular and can be found in almost every self improvement program.

According to Remez Sasson, affirmations are “positive statements that describe a desired situation, and which are repeated many times, in order to impress the subconscious mind and trigger it into positive action.”

The recommended criteria of an affirmation is that they are in positive form, in present form, contains I, me, or my, and is charged with emotion. A very popular example of affirmations is the Coue Method:

Every day, and in every way, I am getting better and better.

Research has shown that this method does have healing properties. Yet, there are many people who also try the method and have experienced little to no results.

Why do affirmations fail for most people?

If you remember back to the importance of meta patterns in the Crack Your Egg program, you find that impressing the subconscious mind sounds easier than it is to do. This is because your meta patterns affect the way your subconscious programming receives or rejects affirmations.

Let’s look at the new model diagram provided by Henk Schram in his introductory study guides again:

New model diagram

As you can see, your meta patterns direct the response of your input processing. Since they affect this processing, meta patterns also affect the efficiency or power of your affirmations.

Here is how I come to see it:

  1. Positive affirmations aim to change your subconscious programming through conscious input. It aims to alter your programming through positive repetition and reinforcement.
  2. Affirmations aim to overwrite your subconscious saboteur from the outside in. It works under the premise that you can affect your subconscious using an outside stimulus.

Personally, I find affirmations to have a degree of efficiency. However, the difficulty with affirmations is that they truly challenge your subconscious beliefs.

For example, an affirmations such as “I am wealthy and all that I desire shall come to pass because I will it to be so,” is very difficult to belief – let alone expect. The reason why it is difficult for your subconscious to accept (and therefore reject) is because of your underlying meta patterns.

In a visual representation, affirmations work this way:

Affirmations visual model

As you can see, they have a liner approach and don’t come close to changing your meta patterns.

Since Henk says every person has a unique eggshell structure, affirmations may work for some people. But the problem remains for the majority of people who need a more powerful approach.

This is where the Crack Your Egg program comes in: to help the practices that you are already doing have a higher efficiency by providing a customized, systematic approach.

This is not to say that affirmations don’t work. In fact, I have recently achieved progress on my goals because I practiced daily affirmations. But to make this method truly work, it is important to understand and clear your meta patterns.

This post is to help you see the reason why you’re experiencing difficulties with your affirmations. I am currently going through the Crack Your Egg program. My plan is to report back here with results concerning choice personal development methods and how they relate to meta patterns. You can read my report here.

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