Money: A Love Story by Kate Northrup

“Is there a moment you can think in your life where you feel devalued?”

That is the question that Kate Northrup asked during her live session at a Hay House event. She came on stage to talk about the connection between money and your sense of self worth. In her words, she calls it the connection between money and love.

Although Kate is now a successful author and business woman, she had difficulties at the start. The success that she had was short lived. There was even a point where she fell $20,000 in debt, though during that time she was known as a “money expert”.

One lesson that she learned from that experience is: when we free ourselves financially and we can engage with love in that area in our life, we can be more present in the planet to our purpose.

What’s love got to do with it?

Kate Northrup explains that financial freedom is when your passive or residual income is greater than your living expenses. It isn’t only that though; it’s also about how you feel while having that income.

True financial freedom means money doesn’t trip you up anymore and that you love and value yourself. Any amount of financial success is not sustainable until you wire in the love.

It raises a question though: what do you need to do to wire in the love?

Here is a quote that Kate said during her session:

“Between us and freedom is a 10-minute sweaty palm conversation that we don’t want to have.”

On the metaphysical level, money is just a form of energy. Similar to your health, you can experience blockages of energy in your money also. When you are ill, you need to heal your body – and when you are poor or broke or in debt, you need to heal your money.

The process of healing starts with truth. It starts with looking at the relationships in your life honestly. You need to look at your relationships because wealth comes from your connections. It is the energy in relationships that transform into wealth in the form of money.

Kate says that when you’re living smaller in a relationship, the other person is living smaller too. It’s important to acknowledge that when you free yourself, you free the other person too.

Therefore, to respect the other person, you must heal your money through healing your relationships.

Start with healing your relationship with yourself

The problem is that it’s not that easy to heal your relationships. It’s so much easier when you let someone else take care of it, especially when it comes to money.

This is why Kate suggests to start with healing your relationship with yourself first. Without taking time to grow up and take yourself seriously, you can never own your real value.

You can do this by saying a simple affirmation:

“I’m enough. I have something valuable to say. I can do it on my own, obviously with help.”

Simple affirmations may not be enough though. You must also notice whether you have sabotaging meta-patterns that can make you fail no matter how strong your affirmations are.

Affirmations can help to give you a positive boost and keep your mind focused on positive energy. However, you can be in financial unconsciousness if you still beat yourself up about your money.

If you still do, you need to realize that your lack of financial awareness is keeping yourself small and a way of really hating yourself. You can reframe this negative belief by thinking what if you began to use your money as a way of loving and taking care of yourself.

“As you pray, move your feet.” –African proverb

If you still feel guilty about your money, you will feel guilty about spending. It’s true that many people spend way beyond their means as a way of self-sabotage (according to one research, over 40% of US households spend more than they make). On the other side, in order to gain control over your finances, you need to spend right – such as for educating yourself or investing in business.

Therefore, spending within your means is not deprivation but instead an act of profound self-love. You can begin to love yourself through your money. This is how you heal your relationship with yourself: by spending money to improve your life quality.

If you don’t value yourself first, none of the other things will stick. You need to value yourself more by spending correctly. You also should think and take notes of the things that you value about yourself.

That is the road to financial freedom and financial bliss.

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