One Fact That Increases Your Ability to Clear Limiting Beliefs

The premise of the Crack Your Egg program is that you are not truly aware of the effects your subconscious mind has on you. Without proper knowledge, your subconscious programming decreases the potency of personal development methods you apply on yourself. When this happens, you experience sluggish results that aren’t permanent in your attempt to improve your life.

This is why Henk Schram says you must develop a clear understanding of how your subconscious mind works.

Your subconscious programming is called the “eggshell” within Crack Your Egg. This eggshell shapes the self limiting beliefs that you have.

According to Henk:

“Limiting beliefs are merely symptoms and intermediary aspects of larger mechanisms themselves, and not true causes of what’s keeping you from living the life of your dreams!”

Though many self improvement courses give you ways to overcome these belief systems, many of them only scratch the surface. Most courses don’t give you the complete method to experience permanent, long lasting results. If you do achieve progress, it is more of a “lucky strike” then actual skill.

One of the fundamental steps you must take to remove limiting beliefs is understanding their true mechanisms. This is what Henk says as the reason why many self help products fail, because there is more nuance to the story of clearing your limiting belief system.

The “old” model

The “old” model is the philosophy that is used by many personal development programs – it is the currently prevailing mode of thought.

After I read Henk’s explanation of this model, I started to see why other products delivers short lived results. In fact, one product I have in my library fits this model very well.

The basis of the old model is:

  1. Your subconscious belief system lie at the basis of the reality you create for yourself
  2. Your belief system and subconscious programming are seemingly created through the process of “habituating” and “filtering” certain input. These processes form your subconscious patterns through repetition of input, repetition of emotional charge, and pattern reinforcement.
  3. Therefore, your subconscious programming is the result of pure conditioning – it is something that you acquire over the course of your life.

At first, it took me time to understand what Henk is talking about. Luckily, he gives a very easy visual diagram of this old model of thought:

Old model diagram

  • Your input is the information from your five senses
  • Your output are your conscious thoughts, feelings, and actions
  • Your input processing is determined by your subconscious programming
  • Your operating processes underlie your subconscious system and direct the formation of your subconscious programming

This model focuses on the “input processing” level by changing negative input into positive input. Based on this model, many experts believe you can change your subconscious programming in 2 ways:

  1. Changing your input into a positive kind
  2. Break your existing patterns by releasing the emotional charge associated with them

An example of changing your input to a positive kind is through affirmations. An example of releasing your emotional charge is through EFT Tapping.

According to Henk, this model is not wrong, but there is a fundamental aspect that is missing.

If you desire notable and lasting change from your efforts to improve yourself, it’s important that you understand what this critical missing piece is. Especially if you’ve been trying the methods I mention above, but haven’t yet got the results you want!

The “new” model

Personally, I like to believe that every personal development technique has the potential to work. I like to believe that the methods I’ve invested in do have the power to change my life as I envision it.

So, I was relieved to realize that what Henk is proposing is not by abandoning these techniques altogether. He is recommending to understand the true cause of your limiting beliefs first. Then and only then will you be able to enjoy the true potential of other methods.

In the new model, Henk reveals the missing piece that is the true mechanism of how your subconscious mind works:

New model diagram

As you can see, what many experts are not revealing is the presence of what Henk calls “meta patterns”.

Henk explains that meta patterns are:

  1. The driving force between your operating processes and subconscious programming
  2. They coordinate the formation of your limiting beliefs and your perception of reality
  3. They are the foundation to your eggshell structure

Particularly, your meta patterns are acquired at some point in your life. They determine your unique eggshell characteristics. Therefore, your meta patterns are critical to understand to work out the personal development strategy that works for you.

Clearly, an adequate explanation of what meta patterns are is beyond the scope of this short review. I highly recommend you read about it in the intro study guides. In these guides, Henk devotes an entire section to explain what meta patterns are (I’m still trying to wrap my head around it myself!).

In the next update of this Crack Your Egg review, I will share the interesting “placements” of popular personal development methods according to the old model diagram above.

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