Dream Big: How to Get What You Want in Life

“Can I really think in a positive way what I want in life and they will happen for me?”

This is the question that the NBC Today anchor asked to Jack Canfield in their interview. As you know, Jack has written a book titled “Key to Living the Law of Attraction” and it is a manual to get what you want in life.

The basics of the Law of Attraction states that what you think about creates a vibration. Everything in the universe that is harmonic to your vibration will be attracted toward you.

The downside is that when what you think has a negative vibration, you will attract negative things. On the other side, when you are in a positive vibration, you attract positive things. Therefore, it can be very intentional and deliberate to regulate your thoughts – and most of us were never taught to do that.

What would you do if you knew you wouldn’t fail?

Even if you understand the way the Law works, you can still fail if you are afraid of taking risks. This is a concern the news anchor asked to Jack about how we cause ourselves to fail.

On this, Jack says that fear is creating a negative image of the future. Similar feelings include anxiety and apprehension. These feelings – which create negative vibrations – are not helpful and stop you from getting what you want in life.

It’s because of this fear that you don’t take the actions to reach success. What would you do differently if you knew that you wouldn’t fail?

The solution to this fear is stop the negative thought and replace it with a positive thought. But that isn’t easy work either. The question is how do we focus on those positive thoughts?

How do we focus on those positive thoughts?

Jack proposes a simple, actionable way to create positive vibrations.

1. The first step is to empty out your negative thoughts. Empty out your fears and anxieties, so they can be replaced with powerful emotions. As Jack says, “nature abhors a vacuum”, so whenever there is an empty area, nature will fill it with energy.

This is the first technique inside Crack Your Egg. You build self awareness by being mindful of your emotions and thoughts. By taking occasional stops to pay attention to yourself, you can be aware of your fears and eventually empty them out.

2. The second step is to stop talking about what happened and how bad it is. Instead, focus on what you want to get, and speak in positive, present tense. Use your leisure time to think about what dreams in your life you want to achieve.

3. The third step is to write down your goals. You can write a simple list of goals or create a large dream list. This is where Jack’s tools really come in handy, because you can purchase a done for you vision board or vision book.

A vision book is a more beautiful version of a vision board. It has the power to remind you of what you want to get in life, even when you are not in the mood for it. Therefore, it keeps you concentrating on positive vibrations so you attract what you want faster.

Eventually, when you get what you want in life, you will discover who you truly are. Once you start to get the things you want, you will get new ideas about what you really want. In other words: you find the thing you were meant to do.

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