Who Is Henk Schram? The Man Behind Crack Your Egg

Henk J. M. Schram is the creator of Crack Your Egg program. He is also the founder of Crack Your Egg enterprises, which has offices located in Dordrecht city – the oldest city in Holland, the Netherlands; and in Wilmington, DE, USA.

From the Crack Your Egg study guides, Henk shares information about his personal life. He also shares his own journey in the “self development cycle” that eventually lead him to come across a discovery. It is this breakthrough finding that prompted Henk to create the Crack Your Egg program and share it.

Henk Schram’s personal background

Gregg the Egg

This is Gregg, Henk’s “egg”

Henk Schram has always had an appetite for science. During his time in university, he was being trained scientifically. This resulted in the fact that everything he heard had to be underpinned and proven – a classic trait of a scientific mind.

In his free time, Henk also read various topics. Besides learning how to play guitar, he included the study of quantum physics. Since he tended to be rather skeptical and critical, this knowledge of physics gave him a sense of satisfaction. Henk isn’t too big a fan of the “airy fairy” spirituality concepts that are still prevalent in most personal development programs.

Even though he was open to the basic principles contained in these programs, he remained skeptical and doubtful. It wasn’t until 2003 that Henk had an experience that became “some sort of proof” towards what was taught in the “spiritual” concepts: that each of us creates our own reality.

This discovery stirred the skeptic within him. It became an event that he needed to experience in order to break down a mental barrier. This mental barrier kept him from learning the fundamentals of self improvement that ultimately resulted in the Crack Your Egg program being born.

Henk Schram’s teaching style

Based on my interactions with Henk, I believe that his skeptical and critical scientific approach actually becomes his unique selling point. I agree with him when he says that most self development experts focus heavily on the feelings and emotions – and not enough on the scientific background of each teaching or technique.

If you’ve read his study guides (which are an introduction to the full Crack Your Egg program), you’ll see that Henk really writes with passion. He takes the time to walk you through each concept, so that you understand it well before moving on to the next section. He also repeats the summary of important concepts throughout the guide, so you don’t have to keep coming back.

However, personally I feel Henk could be a bit shorter with his words. At first I felt that his style of teaching was a bit dragging and repetitive. It wasn’t until I read the 3rd study guide that I became accustomed to his style, and started to resonate with his ideas faster.

In short, Henk’s unique style of teaching may not fit everyone. It takes time investment up front, but it pays handsomely later on. This is because what he wants to share in the Crack Your Egg program is a critical aspect of your self growth – so he wants you to come prepared.

Henk’s purpose with Crack Your Egg

Now I can understand where Henk is coming from. He has gone through the “self development cycle” himself. He knows the sequence of ideas he needs to present in order for other people to experience the same breakthrough he has.

This is what he wants to achieve with the Crack Your Egg program:

  1. A systematic approach to know what really goes on in your subconscious programming that limits your growth. If you don’t know how it truly works, the process and struggle may seem never ending.

  2. A guide to expand your paradigm into an integrative mentality. This mentality is important so you see the entire picture, and not become infatuated with certain “small picture” personal development techniques.

But what I really find powerful about Henk Schram’s method is that it is a customized protocol – a tool for tools.

The Crack Your Egg program informs you about the true nature of your eggshell and how it keeps you small. Then it gives you the knowledge to use the techniques that you already know (those included in the “self development cycle”) so they can work better.

Therefore, this program doesn’t aim to replace other programs you may already have invested in (and I’m sure everyone here has!). This program is the key to unlock the true power of the other programs that you are already practicing and using. This is quite a breakthrough idea, as I haven’t seen any other program that comes from this angle.

Of course, Henk has his own techniques that he suggests using in the Crack Your Egg program. You can read my review of the material and try Henk’s teaching style to see if it’s a good fit for you.

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