Crack Your Egg Program – Course Content and Special Bonuses

In reviewing the study guides, here is my description of the Crack Your Egg program:

“Crack Your Egg is a big picture system for personal development veterans that provides a systematic approach to uncover the real cause and true mechanisms of subconscious programming, and gives you a customizable set of techniques to achieve your true authenticity.”

This program is delivered in a fresh and realistic style by the author Henk Schram, free from “missing secrets” and “push button magic”:

  1. It is a rediscovery of the fundamentals of the human mind and spirit
  2. It completes the majority of other techniques by explaining in full the subtle nuances that truly govern how your subconscious mind works
  3. It is a simple to understand, tangible, and entertaining personal development model

The following is a brief summary of the contents of the course, and why I believe this is a valuable package and a worthy investment.

What you get from the course

Crack Your Egg DVD boxThe complete Crack Your Egg program consists of 4 manuals, 4 DVDs, and 1 audio CD.

1. “Getting Started” DVD

The first part of the program goes straight to recommend the best way for you to consume it. It helps you get started immediately – where to start, what to do first, and what to do next.

I think this is a very important structural decision from Henk. Most personal development programs I’ve used have a very linear approach (taking you from Chapter 1 to the last Chapter). This is a “one size fits all” approach, and may not work optimally for everyone.

What Henk does here is he doesn’t assume your particular conditions. He points the outline of the course, and gives you information so you can decide your path of study based on your style.

2. “Quick Start” DVD

Very few programs (not only limited to the personal development market) have a quick start guide. Considering that the Crack Your Egg program covers “heavyweight” material in depth, the quick start guide is an essential part of the program should you invest in it.

The point of this guide is to give the main points so the concepts become practical immediately. Henk’s aim with this quick start is so that you spend minimal time learning and maximum time getting results.

3. “Waking Up” Manual

The first of three manuals contain the beginning part of cracking your egg. The main points of this manual are to make you understand:

  1. You are creating life by design. Your perception shapes your reality (Henk goes into the science of this in the first part of his intro study guides also).
  2. You must tune in to the rhythm of life to become success. This is the basis of the “vibration” philosophy that is prevalent in “Law of Attraction” methods.

The background story to why Henk wrote these manuals is based on his experience sharing life changing principles with other people.

He finds that after a while, many people move beyond the basic instructions and desire more advanced methods. However, most programs don’t satisfy this desire (or, if they do it is at a very premium price in the form of private coaching or seminars).

This can add to the frustration of people who want to improve their lives. Therefore, Henk aims to help you achieve mastery of these basic principles – understand both the “how” and the “why”. This is critical to developing an integral comprehension of any personal development material.

4. “Breaking Free” Manual

The natural next step after learning the inner workings of your subconscious mind is knowing how to break free. Breaking free means not only overcoming your limiting beliefs. It means completely clearing it to unlock your true creative power.

The “Breaking Free” module consists of practical components – the “how to do it”. It focuses on your inner obstacles. These are your deep roots that shape your limiting beliefs.

Dissolving these beliefs are essential to reconnecting with your mental, emotional, and spiritual authenticity. That’s why in Chapter 6 of this module, Henk gives visual demonstrations on techniques you can apply to break free.

5. Video Demonstration by Dr. Marvin Lee

The 3rd DVD is probably the area that most people keep returning to. It contains visual demonstrations on the techniques Henk has developed. They are demonstrated by Dr. Marvin Lee.

These demonstrations serve as the basic way of doing the methods. However, Henk describes several tips and tricks in the “Breaking Free” module so you can “tweak” these exercises to better suit your needs.

Personally, I find this to be a powerful selling point.

Recently, I purchased a different personal development program. Even though the content of the course is good (and it has helped me to improve myself), it does not have a “how to” section to apply the “life changing” principles in simple exercises. I had to conjure up my own.

The Crack Your Egg program is a triple threat in this manner:

  1. Not only does it give you the fundamental principles, it also gives you the techniques to apply them.
  2. Then, it takes you to the next level by providing visual demonstration (so you can easily follow along).
  3. Plus, you get tips on how to customize these exercises for your unique eggshell structure.

Talk about “bang for your buck”!

In the personal development field, actionable steps are precious. Pretty, air-fairy words are easily used and abused without substantial physical proof to back them up. I find that Henk Schram addresses this concern by making sure he provides the “how to” after the “why”.

6. The Workbook

Crack Your Egg Workbook coverTo make sure he overdelivers on value, Henk gives even more outstanding content in the Workbook. Now you see how important it is that Henk answers the frustration of many self improvement practicioners – by making sure there is a lot of “action” in his material.

This Workbook itself is comprised of 3 parts:

  1. Part 1, which focuses on the importance of self awareness. Self awareness is the key to have an objective perception of your reality. This in turn is important to develop clarity, which eventually is the keystone to reaching mastery.
  2. Part 2, which focuses on unique elements of your eggshell. These elements determine the filtering attributes of your shell – that is, the way you perceive reality and the subconscious choices you make.

The second part of the Workbook is complimented by the 4th DVD. In this installment, Henk provides you graphic illustrations to explain the structure of your eggshell. This is so you can completely understand the blueprint of your egg – which is critical to know before you can crack it.

In Part 3 of the Workbook, you are given step by step protocols to optimize this program for you. As I’ve mentioned before, this custom approach unique to each individual is the strongest selling point of the Crack Your Egg program. It puts the power in your hands, instead of forcing you to work with a particular method or style.

This systematic, customized step by step approach puts you into the big picture system. You start to think with an integrative mentality. This mentality is the key to incorporate the techniques from Crack Your Egg or other self help methods to create your own blueprint of a complete system.

What you do with that system … now that’s where the possibilities are endless!

What would a product be without bonuses?

Even after all the tremendous value Henk delivers within the core modules of this program, he still has more up his sleeve. Henk gives 2 main bonuses, of which you can learn more in detail on the official Crack Your Egg website.

There is one special bonus that I want to point out. This for me is a “dealbreaker”, that separates Henk Schram and the Crack Your Egg method from other self improvement programs out there.

The bonus is a series of follow up email lessons.

If you have ever bought an information product (on any topic at all), you’ll realize that updates are very important. There are several reasons why updates are essential:

  1. The landscape of each industry keeps changing
  2. New discoveries are constantly being made
  3. The community itself grows

Most products and programs out there though don’t provide this level of brilliant “after sales” service. Usually you just buy the product and are left to your own wit to figure it out (or, there is an “upsell” that contains the “complete” package). With Henk, your satisfaction is guaranteed.

The follow up email lessons act as a Master Plan that is laid out in a structural fashion. It provides you with advanced skills you need to transcend as a “newbie egg cracker” to mastery of it. Henk wants you to become a master of this method, so that his message can be spread out even farther than he can do by himself.

It’s comforting to know that the creator of this program has a lot of “skin” invested in the game. Plus, based on my own interactions via email, Henk is quick to respond with help should you have any questions.

This level of service, combined with a more than standard 90 day to 180 day guarantee (depending on which package you invest in) makes the Crack Your Egg program a very rare investment indeed. I highly recommend it, and you can read my review of the program here.

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