A Love Note to Your Younger Self

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“If I could give my younger self some nurturing advice, I would tell her (or him) …”

This is a question Kris Carr, a best selling author and wellness revolution figure, asked to her audience on her blog. I came across the question, and was interested at what people answered.

Of course, many people gave heartfelt notes of self-love, self-encouragement and self-compassion. One person even wrote to stay clear of Burger King! So I thought in this short post, I want to write my own nurturing advice to my younger self.

However, a thought comes to my mind. Throughout life, you’re at different levels of mental awareness. This means that what you are aware of now might not make sense to a younger version of yourself. If you were to travel back in time and meet your younger self, I think they would not be able to appreciate the wisdom you give to them.

If you look at the response on Kris Carr’s blog, most of them are common sense. Learning to love your self and motivate yourself is not new or ground breaking. It makes me wonder if an older version of you were to visit from the future and give you advice, would you listen?

Would you appreciate the wisdom? Would you be able to make sense at all? Would you just poo-poo it away like wish-wash?

That’s why I thought instead of sharing WHAT I learned to my younger self, I’d rather share HOW I learned it. I’d rather share the methods or processes that became a useful tool in my self improvement.

So, to my younger self, I give this nurturing advice: learn mindmapping.

That’s right, learn mindmapping. If there’s a single tool that has helped me the most, it is mindmapping. It is responsible for solving many of my problems. It has lifted my mental awareness to new levels. It has given me new ideas to implement in my life, so I get better results.

I think by telling my younger self to learn mindmapping, I am giving him the key. This key eventually will open his mind to my current level of awareness. In other words, instead of giving him the fish that I’ve caught, I’m telling him how I was able to catch the fish.

If you want to learn mindmapping to, visit Tony Buzan’s site on mindmapping.

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