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          I believe in systematic, step-by-step approaches to solving problems.

          I have gone through difficult times in my life. There had been times when I carried a heavy burden, and I didn’t have the motivation to progress forward. I felt that my life was a mess – and it made me feel depressed.

          I tried thinking positively, but it didn’t help much. I pushed through the thick layers, trying to fight the depression, but it didn’t bring the results I was hoping for …

          I felt like I was living in blockage town, and it made me frustrated that I couldn’t get out …

          If you are like me, then you are feeling the same way. You are a hard-working person, and you deserve better in your life. But, no matter how hard you try, something is still blocking you from creating the abundance in your life.

          You’ve probably read hundreds of personal development books. You’ve tried different techniques, affirmations, positive self-talk, and also the Law of Attraction. As a result, you are a better person inside, but your outside conditions have not changed at all.

          How do you get free of what’s blocking you?

          What do you get in the Crack Your Egg program?

          If you are the kind of person who believes in systematic approaches to solving problems, then Henk Schram has created a program for you. Crack Your Egg is a personal development program made by Henk for those of you who have tried other methods and still haven’t succeeded.

          The program has recently been updated to version 2.0. The materials of the program consist of manuals, instructional DVDs, and several bonus items that complement the main program. You can order the program as a digital download containing videos and PDF, or you can order it as a physical shipment sent to your home address.

          Here is a complete list of what you will get inside the program:

          1. Core Manuals. The manuals consist of:

          • Module 1 “Waking Up”
          • Module 2 “Breaking Free”
          • The Workbook

          2. DVD #1 Introduction. The first DVD talks about:

          • How to Consume This Program
          • How to Avoid Common Pitfalls

          3. DVD #2 Quick Start. The second DVD talks about:

          • Main Points Summary
          • Program Overview
          • Quick Start Protocol

          4. DVD #3 Technique Demos. This DVD shows the techniques used in the program, including:

          • Introductions
          • Muscle Testing
          • Muscle Pre-Testing
          • Temporal Tap
          • Brain Integration
            Eye Rotation
          • Callahan Method
          • Reversal ‘Shoveling’
          • Closing Words

          5. DVD #4 EFA Illustrations. EFA stands for Egg Filtering Attributes, which is how this program describes your abundance blocks. This fourth DVD contains 9 Egg Filtering Attributes. Each EFA receives one video that explains it in depth.

          With the Core Manuals, instructional DVDs, bonus items, and complementary updates Henk sends through email, you get over 1,000+ pages of material on how to open your abundance blocks!

          This amount of material is significantly higher than other self-improvement programs available. It shows how committed Henk is to help you get free from what’s blocking you and achieving success.

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          What are the customer results from Crack Your Egg?

          Henk’s program is the most comprehensive self-improvement program I have ever done. I have done other programs, from famous personal development authors. But, none of them gives the step-by-step instructions and the science behind it as deeply as Crack Your Egg.

          One customer named Diane Boyd writes this testimonial:

          I followed the instructions step-by-step, and old, deeply rooted beliefs were healed as if they never existed. It still astounds me that that kind of freedom is possible.

          It’s true that our success is limited by our deep beliefs. When we have beliefs that support our dreams, then we can achieve our dreams easier. But, when we have beliefs that conflict with our dreams, then we have a hard time achieving our dreams.

          While going through the program, I took intensive notes. Although the program is intensive, you don’t need to spend a lot of time to start seeing results. Henk gives you a quick start guide that helps you navigate all the materials in the program so you can get started immediately.

          I have done the program and have my results. I was able to overcome my shyness, which I have had for my entire life. After I had done the exercises from the program, I understood why I was shy. I was able to uncover my beliefs and heal them – and now I am free from shyness and lack of confidence.

          *I’ve written about my results in a 3-part email series. You can read my story by entering your email using the form above. I will send you the story by email.

          What I like about Crack Your Egg

          #1 The programs contains intensive scientific research and data

          Other self-improvement programs only focus on positive feelings. Although they are useful, I also want to know the science behind why positive feelings work. Crack Your Egg spends many pages explaining the various scientific research that supports how you shape your reality, including DNA research and quantum mechanics.

          #2 You get both reading material and demonstration videos

          Most other programs only make you read without truly applying what you read. Crack Your Egg has both text explanations and also video demonstrations. The videos teach you how to apply what you read using a combination of personal development techniques. In fact, if you have a method that you already use, you can use it together with Crack Your Egg.

          #3 You get continuous support from Henk

          When you sign up, you get the main materials. But, you also get several emails Henk sends you that contains PDF of even more material. These materials support the main material. What impresses me is that Henk delivers the most value he can by supporting you all the way until you achieve the success you want in life. You can send him an email if you have any questions, and he will reply to you.

          What I don’t like about this program

          #1 There is A LOT of materials to read

          The amount of material of this program is both a positive and negative point. Even to this day, I have not read all of the material inside the program. If you are the type of person who wants bite-sized information, then this program might not suit you. The good news is; you can follow the quick start guide that gives you the ‘shortcut’ to finish the program.

          #2 The scientific data can get confusing

          I am the type of person that loves hard data. But, if you don’t want to know the details of why things work, then this program might feel too long for you. There is an intensive amount of science in this program, which requires a lot of time to read. Again, the good news is you can follow the quick start guide to skip to just the most essential parts.

          Are there options besides Crack Your Egg?

          In short, I believe that Crack Your Egg is a comprehensive program to help you break free from your abundance blocks. It contains much scientific research explained in the text, and demonstration videos to help you apply the techniques. However, it does cost a bit more than the average price of other personal development courses available.

          I don’t know of any other programs that have the same level of depth as Crack Your Egg. A popular program is the Silva Lifestyle System made by Laura de Silva. Crack Your Egg uses a few techniques that share similar principles with the Silva Method. You might also have a look at Emotional Freedom Technique or Tapping, which is one of the techniques that Henk uses in combination with his own.

          If you are looking for a step-by-step system to clear your blocks, then Crack Your Egg is an excellent choice. You can visit the official website and get up to $120 discount when you choose the best value package:

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          Bonus course to help manifest your goals

          I have a bonus offer for you if you purchase Crack Your Egg using the links on this page. Other than overcoming your mental and emotional blocks, to manifest abundance you also need a step-by-step system for getting things done. The process of manifestation requires both inner work and outer work.

          As I wrote above, I was once in a place in my life where I felt depressed and had no motivation to progress forward. I felt everything was a mess and that my life was falling apart. I knew I had to dig myself out of the hole if I wanted rescue from my difficult situation.

          I read personal development books and tried different techniques to push through the thick layers of fear. For several months, it didn’t work, and I wasn’t getting the results I was hoping for. I often felt frustrated to the point of breaking out in a fit of rage, and I had to calm myself down.

          Over time, I found a system that helped me feel confident and have faith in abundance. I found a path that allowed me to get closer to manifesting my goals with minimal stress and failure. Several months later, I finally achieved the break through I was looking for – and I increased my income by 254%!

          I wrote about this discovery in a book. At first, I wrote it for myself, but then my friends started asking me how I was able to achieve significant success. Therefore, I wrote this e-book containing the system I discovered, to help my friends and other people achieve their goals and manifest abundance too.

          The book is titled “The 5 Step S.M.A.R.T Guide to Manifesting Your No. 1 Goal”. I am going to turn this e-book into a $47 course in the future – but if you purchase Crack Your Egg using the links here, then I will give you the e-book for free. You will also get the full course when it is available to the public, and you also get 180-day one-on-one email support from me to help you manifest your goals.

          So to recap, here is the bonus you will get:

          • The goal manifestation e-book

          • The full course (priced $47) when it is released to the public

          • 180-day one-on-one email support to help you manifest your goal

          Follow these steps to get your bonus:

          • Use the link below to purchase Crack Your Egg (with $120 discount)

          • Email your receipt to bonus [at]

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