Crack Your Egg – Is It Personal Development 2.0?

The first time I heard about the Crack Your Egg program was in an email from Henk Schram. Henk is the author of Crack Your Egg. This email caught my attention because it started with a question:

Deny, ever heard of the self-development cycle?

Henk says this cycle is when you have multiple books, courses, and DVD’s on how to improve yourself. You learn various methods, techniques, and tricks from dozens of experts. However, nothing seems to work together.

A little ‘Law of Attraction’ here, a dash of visualization there, throw in some brainwave entrainment, subliminals and hypnosis, and top it off by adding some affirmations, goal-setting, and EFT to the mix – and what do you get?”

If this scenario sounds similar to you, then welcome aboard!

Personally, I have been and still am in this self development cycle. I’ve actually done what is described above – starting with the Law of Attraction, and adding meditation and visualization. I’ve just recently started to look into brainwave entrainment, subliminals, and paraliminals. EFT (or Tapping) is one of my favorite methods of self healing.

So when I read that this is a sloppy strategy and is causing me more harm than good, I became interested in what Henk has to say.

Henk invites victims of this “sloppy strategy” to do 3 things:

  1. Stop, and seek out a well thought out process that connects all the dots
  2. Learn to focus all your precious energy into one, laser targeted method
  3. Do so without confusion, information overload, and frustration!

This is the premise for his new Crack Your Egg program.

You can watch a 3-part series of introduction videos and study guides to this program when you visit the official website:

What is Crack Your Egg?

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Let’s look more into this Crack Your Egg review.

In the introduction videos, Henk starts by explaining the problem behind your subconscious mind. He also explains why most personal development programs aren’t as effective as they could be. Both of these are a critical key to truly unlocking your blocks to success.

You’ve probably heard these statements:

“Every goal you set, you can achieve.”
“Everything you want, you can have.”
“Want to conquer your fears and create the life you’ve always wanted? You can.”

And yet you could still be waiting for your big breakthrough. The problem with most self improvement programs is that they keep attending to symptoms rather than to the real root causes.

This is what Crack Your Egg wants to change. It gives you new insight into the very breeding ground from which all your limiting beliefs and negative emotions grow.

Though Henk uses the term “limiting beliefs”, what he wants to share is more important than that. He is pointing to a much deeper root of your problems – what he calls your “eggshell”.

This eggshell is basically an “energetic cocoon of low-vibrational web of suppressed thoughts, feelings, and limiting belief systems”. In other words: it is a mental, emotional, and spiritual prison.

There are several problems that this eggshell causes:

  1. You’re not even aware that it exists
  2. You’re not aware of what it does to your efforts
  3. So you don’t know why it’s hard for you to be successful
  4. You’re not aware of how this eggshell blocks you even further

Your egg is so critical in preventing your success that “once you crack and break out of it, your life can’t help but take the form of the experience that you want it to be.” This is what Henk wants you to achieve in his new Crack Your Egg program.

The science behind Crack Your Egg

This new method is a result of carefully thought out philosophy based on years of study, self observation, trial, and error by Henk himself. It’s based on real world, real life experiences.

This is what I find in my Crack Your Egg research about Henk Schram. He has a very skeptical, very scientific approach to testing and measuring ways to improve yourself.

One of the methods that he repeatedly says he objects is the Law of Attraction. Inside the first part of his study guide, Henk reveals that the majority of Law of Attraction resources available cover only a small part of the true science behind this popular personal development technique.

This is the reason why many people are using it but have little to no success (maybe you’re one of these people also?). It’s because what they are trying to do doesn’t tap into the deep power that is the foundation of “The Secret”.

Henk’s purpose with the intro videos and study guides is to allow you to “catch up” with what you don’t know. And as you’ll read in the guide, what you don’t know can really stop you from reaching success.

Even so, Henk’s aspiration is to bring simplicity to the “potentially complex”. In the guide, he introduces you to the sciences of quantum physics and molecular biology.

At first, I was confused as to why I would need to understand this rather “complex” field of science. But later as Henk revealed the picture one by one, I began to see that the science is what makes the Law of Attraction possible.

The intro to Crack Your Egg course gives you the insight of how your perception truly affects your reality. This happens due to a relation between quantum mechanics and the human mind. Henk lists several researches as proof of this information in the study guide.

In essence, because what you think affects what you experience, it becomes increasingly difficult to break free from the egg. It is a negative feedback cycle – the more you don’t know, the more you don’t know.

I personally think Henk could be apply a bit more brevity to his reports (it’s quite a long read so you better set aside some time). However, understanding the basics of this science is important before you move on to the later stages of “cracking your egg”.

If you haven’t read the study guides (which are free), you can download them at the official website:

Visit this page to download your free study guides

A practical technique you can do now

This is the part that I always look for in every personal development product. Every time I read a self improvement book or listen to a CD, I wait for the part that contains the content I can act on.

Luckily in my Crack Your Egg review, after the rather “hearty breakfast” about quarks and human DNA, Henk gives a simple practice that you can apply immediately. This exercise is named the “Participant and Observer”.

The “Participant and Observer” is an exercise in mindfulness. The purpose of this exercise is to detach yourself from a particular situation – especially if that situation is a negative one.

In this exercise, you “split” your consciousness into 2 entities:

  1. The “Participant’. This is the part of you that is living the physical experience through your body – the part of you that goes through struggle.
  2. The “Observer”. This is the part of you that can step back and “look” at yourself.

As an illustration, the Participant is a character in a movie you are watching. The Observer is you sitting in the cinema watching the movie. In this exercise, you become both.

So what’s the point of being both?

When you’re dead in the middle of a problem, forcing your way until you solve it can be counter productive. Instead, what you need to do is to remove yourself from the problem – just for a bit.

Removing yourself from the problem (mentally, not necessarily physically) gives you a breath of fresh air. It’s this fresh air that unblocks your creativity, so you can come up with a solution.

In other words: this is a shorter version of “sleeping on the problem”.

This exercise is the first step that increases your ability to realize that you are living in an egg. Developing the ability to see yourself apart from yourself is what is unique about the human mind.

Once you’ve started developing this skill and identify the root causes of your problems, then you’re going to need tools and protocols to effectively get rid of them.

This is where the Crack Your Egg training comes in. It is offered as a full fledged method with practical background to help you get out of your eggshell.

It is especially offered to people who are fed up with the “new age mumbo jumbo” and are looking for a more scientific, measurable, practical approach to creating a higher quality life.

So can the Crack Your Egg program by Henk Schram help you live the greatest image of the ultimate version of who you can be? I believe it’s part of the equation.

Make sure you stay tuned by bookmarking this review or subscribing by email as I will post updates and more information. In the mean time, you can watch a series of 3 videos that introduces you to the Crack Your Egg program.

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